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Business Foundations - Business Set Up

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This course walks you step-by-step to gain clarity and confidence with the process to set up a business on a surface level so you know what to do in your business to make things legal.  A few things you'll learn about are:

  • Am I a business (or an expensive hobby)?
  • What about things I've already bought?!
  • Registrations
  • When do I file?
  • Where do I file?
  • What are all the different taxes (income, sales, use, etc.)
  • How do I pay myself?
  • Bookkeeping tips
  • What are expenses and COGS?
  • What is inventory (and do I need it)?
  • How do I know I'm working with the right person/program for my taxes?

You'll find that mini-party feeling again each time you think of your business because you've become an expert from using these tools.

This one-time purchase is yours to keep forever!

In the Business Set Up course, you will go in-depth with the important topics of:

  • Registration
  • Building a system of tracking
  • Bookkeeping
  • Staying legal (and making it easier on your tax person)
  • Reducing stress at the end of the year

You retain LIFETIME ACCESS to this course.  Forever and always.