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The Silicone and Wood Teethers and Tethers Digital Book

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Do you want to make:

  • Adult silicone nursing jewelry
  • Children's silicone teethers
  • Children's silicone bite bars
  • Children's wooden bead teethers
  • Children's wooden shape teethers
  • Children's wooden and crochet bead teethers
  • Children's wooden, fabric and/or silicone bead pacifier leashes.

In this 40-page digital book, you'll receive the step-by-step process to become compliant with the CPSC regulations for silicone & wooden teethers and pacifier leashes.

Don't spend all of your time searching around the Facebook groups, blogs, and websites trying to figure this all out, I've got it all right here in one easy place.

By the way, I've designed the books so if you want to print them out, you won't completely destroy your printer's ink supply.

Optional Add Ons


If you're making teethers, you can expect to spend time searching for a lab, emailing back and forth, shipping samples, waiting for results, and spending around $200 for ONE design.  Yikes!

Teethers require both Small Parts lab testing and ASTM F963-17 Teether testing for each style.  That adds up QUICK!

Did you know that as a registered Small Batch Manufacturer (which you'll be with this book), you can do some of the required testing on your own?  That's right, you can SAVE upwards of $200 by doing the ASTM F963-17 Teether testing at home.

Save myself the headache of searching for a lab and spending my month's worth of sales in testing for ONE design?  YES PLEASE!

Measured, designed, and made to exact specifications, you can add these fixtures so you can do this teether testing on your own!  Don't worry, I've included an At-Home Fixture Testing PDF booklet that makes testing so easy your kids could do it for you.


*Actual fixture colors will vary*

Turn around time for fixtures is 5-10 business days.

These 3D printed fixtures are shipped USPS priority insured & tracked to ensure they get to you as safe as possible.


Children's Product Certificate

A Children's Product Certificate is your document that says "I comply!".

To have this document in your records is the end-game for product safety compliance because it shows how you are complying with whatever regulations you are bound by.

The problem is that it's written by you and this document can be confusing.  It involves yet more research into the regulations to find the codes you have to follow and the citations for any exemptions you might be allowed.  To top it off, if you have any supplier statements or lab reports to indicate, that just adds more work to your plate.

Leave the creating of this document to me and save yourself the time and headache.

You'll receive a Childen's Product Certificate for one product and instructions to maintain the document for the rest of your business' lifespan.  ($99 value)



Want to go through me for the required lab Small Parts testing (required for both pacifier leashes and teethers)?  Choose the testing bundles here instead.  They also come with this book. fixtures, and a little guidance from me!


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