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The 3-Design Teether Testing Bundle

Regular price $200.00

  • 3 legally compliant designs ready for sale
  • 2 test fixtures and guidance for easy at-home testing*
  • 1 digital book walking you through the entire compliance process easily.


If you make a silicone and/or wood teether, this is the bundle for you.

While others are spending time researching government websites about the regulations, testing a single design for $200+, and hoping that they've captured all of the requirements for their teethers, you could have three designs, the process laid out in your hand, and peace of mind for a fraction of that.

This testing is also good for paci/toy leashes as they only require Small Parts testing (that is, you'll not use the provided test fixtures on them).

You'll have exactly that in this bundle if:

  • You have 3 styles you are itching to get out to the world.
  • Your components have already had testing for lead, phthalates, and other heavy elements (ask your supplier!).
  • You are willing to do some tests in your own home with the guidance of our included fixture bundle (don't worry, it's so easy, my 9 year old can do it in 5 minutes).

You'll need:

  • 3 Designs of teether or pacifier clip, or a mix of both
  • 3 Samples of each design
  • Completed Application


In this bundle, you'll receive:

  • A digital book for process information.
  • The fixture bundle for at-home toy testing.*
  • Small Parts testing at a CPSC-approved lab that lasts a year

With this bundle, you'll have 3 legally compliant teether designs to sell and all you have to do is follow the included book and instructions, send me your products, and wait for your results.

*If you do NOT want to do the fixture testing at home and want a lab to do the testing, you can choose the Lab Fixture Test add-on.


Because I know you'll have questions about the certificate you are supposed to create, I'm adding the option to get a certificate write up for this product at half of what it normally costs ($99)!  Make sure to choose the Add a certificate of compliance for me! option.

Wouldn't you like to save both time and money while you get to sit back and create?

...Or, you can pay nearly $600+ and spend your limited time to get it done without this bundle.


*This bundle is for those in the US and selling to the US.  Testing is by US Small Parts standards only.