Step-by-Step Walkthrough to Join the Affiliate Team

I made a dummy account so that I could screenshot the steps and it is magically easy!
1. Go [HERE] and you'll be taken to this page.  You can sign up using any of the platforms: Instagram, TickTok, YouTube, or Facebook.  If you already use Dovetale, you can apply with your existing account (yay!).
*Note: Your affiliate link will be the handle you apply with without punctuation.  Mine is .com/sweetlemonastrid for example.
2. After you hit 'Next', you'll enter in some more information about you.  I especially need your PayPal email so I can pay you!  You can enter in as little or as many social links as you'd like, but the one you chose in the first page will automatically show up here.
3.Hit "Next >" and this will be the next page.  You don't *have* to get all gushy or specific, but it's always nice to hear good news!
4. Hit "Submit Application" and you'll need to check your email to verify that everything is correct.
5. Ok, there is a weird part.  Once you go to your email (Look for, subject line "Please verify your email to finish your application to The Makers Resource Shop's community."
6. When you click that "Finish your application" button, you'll be taken to a page that shows the information you've submitted.
7. When I (manually) approve your application, you'll get another email (from with subject line "You've been accepted into The Makers Resource Shop's community!".
8. Click the "Join our community" button and finally create your password to gain access to the affiliate area.

And done!

When you need to log in to get your affiliate link, edit profile information, or are just curious for your earnings, you can go to the same place you began the process.  Just under the apply section is the Log In button right [HERE].
In your account, you can click on the avatar image in the upper right corner and add any information you'd like:
  • Under "Profile" (contact email, phone number, birthday, gender, location, address).
  • Under "Accounts", you can connect many of your social accounts (including Instagram Creator/Business, Twitter, and Twitch).
  • Under "Payments", you can update your PayPal email.
  • Under "Notifications", you can adjust your emails  to let you know when any social account connections expire, when payments & receipts occur, tasks (?), and offers (?).  Admittedly, I don't know what those last two do just yet.
  • Under "Security", you can change your log in email and your password.

To get back to the main screen, click the Dovetale logo in the upper left corner.