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Join the new Makers (Pocket) Community!

Hi Facebook friends!

This just in!  I've decided to open up my Makers Community with less bells and whistles.  Many of you asked about not needing the extra courses and after thinking about it, I mean, why not have something without the extras?

The Makers (Pocket) Community

Not only will you have me in your back pocket whenever you need me, I'll be able to answer your questions with more attention to your specific situation; more than I can give in the public group where everything needs to be by-the-book, no wiggle room.

In the private membership, we can talk more about what it is we are really looking at as well as what you can do to make sure your design and finished products are actually safe, not just "compliant" (because technically compliant things can still be recalled for safety issues).



You'll be in a group with the main members of The Makers Community so you'll get extra support and love from them too!

Bonus again!

You'll have access to our live Q&A each month, held right inside the Facebook group AND all the replays (I don't delete anything in there).


The Catch

This is a trial run and limited.  That means I'm only allowing 50(ish?) people in and I may or may not reopen this offer in the future.  Honestly?  I don't want to overwhelm myself and dip into my family time trying to respond (the kids' schoolwork is grueling).  The hope is that everything will go smoothly and I'll be able to open this up again to more people soon, but hopes and plans don't always go the way we want.

Don't Delay!

So if you are interested, let's go on this journey together!  Let's get your products actually safe and let your customers know that you have their absolute best at heart.