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2-Hour Product Safety Set Up

2-Hour Product Safety Set Up

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This is the absolute quickest way to get through the US product safety compliance process.

Yes, it can be done, but it isn't for everyone. This is best for
  • Those working with one product or style of product
  • Those who are generally quick learners with less need for an in-depth walk through of spreadsheets.
  • Those who just want a 'go here, do this' actionable checklist tailored to their product and business.

This session is best for:

  • Clothing (including scarves and aprons)
  • Children's Clothing (including bibs and cloth diapers)
  • Children's Blankets
  • Children's Hair Accessories
  • Children's Upper Outerwear
  • Children's Totes and Snack Bags
  • Children's Footwear
  • Embellishing On Clothing and Children's Items
  • Children's fabric or wood toys
Feel free to email me at info@myproductsafety.com to ask about your product.

    You will receive:

    • Specific information for your situation and product which can include templates, checklists, digital books and more;
    • Advice on product designs as necessary;
    • Ideas on ways to track components and finished products;
    • Labeling ideas; and
    • Instructions for completing and maintaining a Certificate of Compliance.

    After purchase, you will receive instructions on how to set up your session and how to prepare for our meeting.  I will spend time prior to our meeting preparing all of the necessary documents so that you don't have to do anything except be ready to show up and talk about your product.  Please schedule no less than 10 days from purchase for your session.

    After our meeting, you will receive all of the above listed items as well as our meeting notes and a document with any action items to complete loose ends.

    Due to the limitation on availability and the high customization of information that is created prior to the meeting and during the meeting, there are no refunds on this service.  Failure to show does not necessitate a refund.  Rescheduling may be possible and will have a $50 rescheduling fee attached to lock in the new date and time.