Featured Member Friday - Ali Ginter @ Alaskan Wildlings

Featured Member Friday - Ali Ginter @ Alaskan Wildlings

It's time for

Featured Member Friday!

Today it's all about a member from The Makers Community, so please check them out!
Ali Ginter, owner of Alaskan Wildlings with baby


What's your name?

Ali Ginter


What is your business?

Alaskan Wildlings (Alaskan-Wildlings.com)


Let us know a little about yourself and your business!

I make cloth diapering safe, affordable, adorable, and adjustable.


What is your favorite product to make/sell or a product that you'd specifically like to promote?

Cloth Diapers

As a Tlingit Alaskan native woman, I believe in HA AANI, protecting and honoring our land. Creating and using cloth diapers helps protect this land for our children and our grandchildren.


Double Stuffed Peanut Butter and Jelly Diaper from Alaskan Wildlings Sweet Rainbows Diaper from Alaskan Wildlings


Where can people sign up for your email?

You can sign up for my email list at the bottom of my website to keep up with my newsletter. 


How else can people find you?

Find me on Instagram (@AlaskanWildlings)

Facebook Group (Alaskan Wildlings Tribe)

Pinterest (AlaskanWildlings)


Last question: How has The Makers Community been helpful to you and your business?

The makers community helped guide me into compliance. Helping me to insure the safety of my customer base.

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