About Me

Hey there, Maker Friend!

It's been a long road to this shop and I'm excited to have you here on my journey while I help you on yours.

My name is Misty and I've been given the title "expert safety compliance guru for makers".  Just like you, though, I fell into this.  In 2010, my oldest son was born and that was the true beginning of The Makers Resource Shop.

I started out with a desire to make cloth diapers and a goal to help other makers with their businesses and instead found a ton of regulations and laws for our products.  I was blown away and completely overwhelmed with information!  I shared that information, as I found it, with my fellow makers and soon I found myself doing more research than making.

Unlike my fellow makers, though, I enjoyed the research more than the making which made for a great collaboration.  I would continue to research and share information and they would continue making safe and legal products that they were even more proud of than before.

My business has gone through a couple of names (The Artisan Circle, Misty Henry CS, The Compliance Circle, The Makers Resource Shop), but the goal has remained constant:

To inspire makers, to build their passions so they can build a world they love with peace of mind.

To do this, I help you navigate business requirements and topics so that you have that mini party feeling everytime you think about your business instead of dread.  I want you to be able to grow as big (or as small!) as you want to grow without more headache than is needed.  After all, when you have a friend to walk with you and provide you support, your goals seem much clearer and attainable.

It's time to take the next right step and let me join you on your journey to a safe, legal, and promising business.

 Misty Henry & FamilySummer the dog

What I believe in:

I believe in compassion. Everything comes down to compassion. We all learn in different ways, so ensuring a place to feel confident in asking questions is important to me.

My mission is ensuring that every person, including you, has the opportunity to grow and live as they wish, including building up their own businesses so they can have peace and more time with their families.

I value people and education. I value their hearts, minds, emotions. I value YOU. It is important to me that you are treated with respect and provided equity in your journey through this life. I value your life experiences and will stand on the side of justice and safe environments. No matter your identity, I want to do my absolute best to support you.


Where to get help from me:


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