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Misty Henry Product Safety and Consulting Services, LLC

Small Parts Testing for Toys, Teethers, & Pacifier Leashes

Small Parts Testing for Toys, Teethers, & Pacifier Leashes

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Number of Styles
Done-For-You Certificate of Compliance
Toy Test Fixture

Do you want to have a safe product?

I've collaborated with a CPSC-accepted lab so you'll have...

  • Legally compliant designs ready for sale.
  • First-Party (Self) Testing Information and Record Sheet ($15 value)
  • Written Testing Plan Template ($97 value)
  • Toy Test Fixtures (+$10 if chosen; $20 value)
  • Done-for-you Certificate of Compliance (+$50 if chosen; $350/document retail)

With this listing, you'll only need to create your labeling and wait for results!


If you make a toy, teether, or pacifier leash intended for children under 3y, or other child care item for children under 3y, this is the bundle for you.

While others are spending time researching government websites about the regulations, getting quotes for a single design for $1000, and hoping that they've captured all of the requirements for their toys, you could have multiple designs, the process laid out in your hand, and peace of mind for a fraction of that.

  • Toys, Teethers, and Pacifier Leashes intended for children under 3y require Small Parts (16 CFR Part 1501) testing at a lab.
  • Toys and Teethers for children under 12y requires compliance to ASTM F963, but as a registered Small Batch Manufacturer with the CPSC, you can feasibly do this on your own following the ASTM F963 publication (not included).

You'll have safe toys with this bundle if:

  • Your components have already had testing for lead, phthalates, and other heavy elements as applicable (ask your supplier!).
  • You are willing to do the ASTM F963 testing at home (as applicable)

You'll need to provide:

  • 1 sample of each design (packaging not needed)
  • Completed test request form.

You'll receive:

  • A request form for testing,
  • Testing at an ISO-accredited, CPSC-accepted lab in the USA,
  • First-Party (Self) Testing Information and Record Sheet ($15 value)
  • Written Testing Plan Template ($97 value)
  • Toy Test Fixtures (+$10 if chosen; $20 value)
  • Done-for-you Certificate of Compliance (+$50 if chosen; $350/document retail)

With this bundle, you'll have tested toy or leash designs to sell and all you have to do is send me your products, create your labeling, and wait for your results.

(It is highly encouraged to bubble wrap wood or other potentially fragile components)


What makes a "style"?

When looking at your styles, we are looking at differences in the type of materials, seams, and overall design.  For example:


  1. In The Hoop stuffed rabbit (long ears) and safety eyes (1 sample)
  2. In The Hoop stuffed giraffe (short ears & ossicones) and safety eyes (1 sample)
  3. Sewn doll with short hair and safety eyes (1 sample)
  4. Wood stacking rainbow set (3 samples)
  5. Wood stacking bowl set (3 samples)
  6. Necklace with acrylic beads (1 sample)


When looking at your designs, we are looking at differences in design and differences in additions.  For example:

  1. Silicone teether star with silicone beads (1 sample)
  2. Silicone teether orbit with silicone beads (1 sample)
  3. Teether ring w/15mm silicone round beads (1 sample)
  4. Teether ring w/wood coffee cup pendant, 15mm silicone beads, (1) silicone focal bead (1 sample)
  5. Teether ring w/(1) beechwood hexagon pendant, 19mm silicone beads
  6. Teether ring w/(2) 40mm beechwood rings, 19mm silicone beads, wood beehive beads (1 sample)
  7. Teether ring w/(2) 55mm beechwood rings, 19mm silicone beads, wood beehive beads (1 sample)
  8. Wood teething ring with lightweight fabric bunny ears (1 sample)
  9. Wood teething ring with medium weight fabric bunny ears (1 sample)

*Note: Teethers typically pass, however the wood rings are a trouble point.  Thicker and smaller rings will usually pass, but larger and/or thinner rings frequently fail.  The lab will drop these from approximately 5ft high, ten times, on hard-ish flooring (think concrete with a thin pad on it).

Teether style examplesRings for teethers that frequently pass impact testing

Pacifier Leashes

When looking at your designs, we are looking at differences in the type of clip (shape, metal, plastic, wood, silicone, etc.), differences in cording (satin nylon, paracord, micro paracord), differences in the end knot (Double Knot, Looped End Knot, etc.), and differences in end bead material, shape, & size.  For example:

  1. 15mm silicone beads, (1) 9mm wood bead at end, stainless steel round clip, paracord cording, standard double knot
  2. 15mm silicone beads, stainless steel oblong clip, paracord cording, standard double knot after last bead
  3. 15mm silicone beads, wood-topped stainless steel clip with breathing holes, satin nylon cording, looped knot on last bead
  4. 15mm silicone beads, (1) wood hex bead, stainless steel obling clip, satin nylon cording, looped knot on last bead
  5. 15mm silicone beads, (1) wood beehive bead, silicone-topped plastic clip with breathing holes, micro paracord cording, looped knot on last bead.

 *Note: Satin cording with a silicone bead ending and a double knot typically fail.  Fusing/melting the nylon and using a larger knot like the "Ashley Knot" in the photo can help these pass because the bead is unable to stretch over the larger knot that doesn't budge when pulled.  The lab will pull to approximately 15lbs of tension on the last bead.  The lab will also pull and twist on the clip meaning some plastic clips may fail.

Pacifier leash plastic clip passing and failing styles for small parts testpacifier ending examples that have passed in testing

Feel free to send photos to me at or on Facebook if you need additional help deciding on how many styles you have.


Turn Around Time:

Once I receive samples, plan for up to 4 weeks for reports.

I receive samples, prep, and ship to the lab every Thursday with next evening delivery.
Lab receives samples, provides me a final quote within 3 working days, I pay, and they begin testing next business day. Testing is generally 10 working days after the lab gets their payment.

Test Request Form:

  • Your request form is 100% private.  Please fill out every section honestly and to the best of your ability.
  • You are the manufacturer of anything you personally create.
  • Country of Origin is where you put the finished products together.
  • Your style numbers can be anything as long as they distinguish the different items being tested (ex. 001, 002, 003, PL-001, PL-002, TR-001, TR-002, etc.).
  • Age grading is your intended age range (example: 0+/Infant)
  • End Use is "Toy" or "Pacifier Leash"

Done-For-You Certificate

A Children's Product Certificate is your document that says "I comply!".

To have this document in your records is the end-game for product safety compliance because it shows how you are complying with whatever regulations you are bound by. This is how you become certified. The CPSC does not certify or approve your products and, instead, they rely on you to write that certification for your records in case they ever request a copy.

The problem is that this document can be confusing. It involves yet more research into the regulations to find the codes you have to follow and the citations for any exemptions you might be allowed. To top it off, if you have any supplier statements or lab reports to indicate, that just adds more work to your plate.

Leave the creating of this document to me and save yourself the time and headache.

You'll receive a Childen's Product Certificate for all tested products and instructions to maintain the document for the rest of your business' lifespan. ($350/document)

Toy Test Fixture Add-On

As a Small Batch Manufacturer registered with the CPSC, you are permitted to do ASTM F963 testing on your own provided you have the means and necessary tools.  These are some of those tools!  (Small Parts testing for choking hazards must still be done at a CPSC-accepted lab, sorry!)

These were designed by TJ Henry with precision to the ASTM F963 publication and made using PLA filiament.  PLA filiament will retain its precision unless heated to over 120*F (so just don't leave it on your car's dashboard in the summer). 

*Actual colors will vary*
*Words not included*
*Corners may have slight warping, but does not affect function or precision*

Turn around time for fixtures is 5-10 business days.

Oval fixture for teether testing 3cm deep Oval fixture for teethers 5cm wide Oval fixture for teethers 3.5cm wide

Star shaped teether pass Star shaped teether pass bottom angle


Do you want some extra help and support through the entire process for toys? 

Join The Makers' Community (and get a discount on testing too!)


This bundle is for those in the US and selling to the US.  Testing is by USA 16 CFR Part 1501 Small Parts standards only.

Any changes in the lab's quote may increase the price and you will be notified before testing is completed.

I am not a lawyer and purchasing this offer is only a service.

This service is non-refundable.

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