How I Help You

How I Help You

My goal is to help you understand the basics to get you from complete overwhelm to being able to talk about it with your customers confidently.  I make sure that you not only meet the minimum required of you, but you understand why the requirements exist so you can design future products for safety (meaning this process is a breeze later!).

I provide peace of mind through the process, after the process, and during growth.  Makers have found an increase in conversions after becoming compliant and have said that they understand their business' inner workings a lot better and feel more organized.


I am able to break down the legal into the understandable.

I offer digital books for you to DIY the process from registration to that final official statement that you comply.





I offer modules that go deeper into each step with video for those who need a little more oomph to their DIY.

registration course from the makers resource shop  

I offer 1:1 help to really understand your business and your specific situation so that the answers to questions you ask make sense.



I offer a private membership so that you can continue to ask #AllTheQuestions all month long with additional live sessions for questions as well as many printables and access to courses for specific products.

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I offer testing services with an ISO-accredited and CPSC-accepted lab in the United States (one of the top companies used worldwide by major manufacturers!).


Ultimately, I offer a way to get through this journey in peace in the way that works best for you.