Business Tools

Just a few of my favorite business tools!

(This page does include affiliate links where I may receive compensation at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting my business and the company's business while building yours to be the best possible!)



Liz Wilcox Email Marketing Membership - In this $9/m membership, you gain access to *weekly* email templates saving you time AND headache in keeping up with content and consistency.

Ashlyn Carter / Ashlyn Writes - Copywriting made to connect. Templates and more "Because not knowing what to say shouldn't be the thing holding you back from making sales."

Content Batching Bootcamp - Amanda Warfield helps you create a system of not just creating content, but doing so within a week's time *and* teaching how to stock up content for future use!



Paper & Spark - Spreadsheets to help make selling a breeze! These include inventory tracking as well as income and expense tracking from various platforms. Janet is a CPA who also ran a jewelry making business, so she *knows* handmade!

Inventora - A browser-based all-in-one system for makers and manufacturers. Keep track of raw materials, finished products, inventory among different platforms with shop integration, auditing, and more.



The Contract Shop - Easy contract templates created by a lawyer and peer reviewed by lawyers.

Consumer Product Safety Commission - Federal agency tasked with ensuring products are safe for all consumers. Their 'Regulatory Robot' assists makers and manufacturers in learning what regulations their products may fall under.

Federal Trade Commission - Federal agency tasked with ensuring trade, including marketing and advertising, is honest and transparent. (Fiber Content labeling; Care information labeling)



PorkBun - My favorite place to purchase domain URLs at wholesale prices.

Shopify - Hands-down my favorite selling platform. Others can be great, but with all the integrations and possibilities that Shopify has already built in, it's a clear winner for me. Get a free trial to Shopify when coming from: EtsyWooCommerce, WixSquareSpace, other platform.