What do you make?

Clothing or Sleepwear

"Clothing" covers a LOT of different types of things like bibs, cloth diapers, hair accessories & hats, scarves, and even shoes! You can find everything you may need in the Clothing & Sleepwear collection [here].

Toys, Teethers & Pacifier Leashes

You can find everything you may need for toys, teethers, and pacifier leashes in the Toy & Teether collection [here].

Blankets & Bedding

Blankets & other bedding don't tend to require much, but you can find everything you may need [here] in the Blankets & Bedding collection.

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Read The Process

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Do The Process

You aren't on your own!

Just Starting Out

If you are just starting out and looking for #AllTheThings, this is... 

  • Let Me Read

    Some makers like to sit back quietly taking in information and doing things mostly on their own. My digital books will walk you through the process from registration to that final official statement that you have met the requirements.

    Let Me Read 
  • Do It For Me

    Hey, I get it, you're a busy maker with limited time to research. I am able to take some of the process tasks off your plate and get you to your official statement of compliance. Let me do the thing I do best, while you do the things you do best.

    Do It For Me 
  • Hold My Hand

    I hear it a lot: "Tell me like I'm 5." "I need the 'For Dummys' edition." "Teach me like I'm in Kindergarten". The thing is, we all learn in different ways and sometimes there are a LOT of questions that you don't even know about yet! You can get them answered right here.

    Hold My Hand 
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Misty Henry, expert in product safety for makers, head photo, caucasion female with brown hair pulled back and glasses.

Hi! I'm Misty, and I love to inspire!

In 2010, I had my first child and I wanted more than anything to do everything right.  After a kind friend gifted me a cloth diaper set, I jumped in, head-first to all things handmade.  My first project? Curtains!  After that?  Cloth diapers!  I knew no boundaries!

I quickly realized that aside from sewing, I really enjoyed helping other makers get the things they need to be successful, so I leapt at the opportunity when it arose!  I started with sourcing sewing supplies for other makers.  Then, we wanted tags for our things.

Haha, well, long story short, I wanted to find a template of tags for my maker friends and found the world of legal requirements.  A MAJOR pivot and I now teach people how to follow those legal requirements.

I am so absolutely in love with what I do and I can't wait to help you too!

Product Safety Checklist - Free Download

Having a maker business can be overwhelming. Pick up this checklist to see a bird's eye view of your journey from registration to documentation.

Get it here!