Protect your customers, your business, and your family.

You just heard about this "compliance" thing and now you're spending hours learning more than you wanted to know about product safety laws -- when all you really want to do is create.

Plus, you're already a busy business owner with everything else on your plate -- if you have to figure out laws for ONE more thing in your life, you may just have to throw in the towel.

If you don't have certified products, you run a big risk to your business -- you know, that thing you are trying to build so you can have the life you love (and maybe prove to the nay-sayers that this *is* a real job).


You're busy trying to take care of your family, building this business of yours, trying to get your social media *on point*, trying to *keep up* with social media (ugh, yes Friend, me too).

I mean...

You probably *just* figured out the business registration and taxes stuff and that, on its own, was a massive undertaking.


Say less, let's get it done.

What if you don't do this?

You can absolutely choose not to do this.

You can choose to ignore the law, which many seem to do (see the violations list on the website and the associated hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines).

What's worse than those fines, though, they also are choosing to risk, not just their business and bank accounts, but also the person using their products. And, look, I don't like to be that person, but the reality is, that's usually children.

But YOU are just finding out about this

and the fact that you are here means that you want to do better. To be a business built on keeping your customers happy and safe, making amazing memories with your products.

Hiya! I'm Misty.

It started waaaay back in 2010. I was beginning to make cloth diapers for my newborn and got the "business advice" to start selling. I thought, "Wow! Why not?!"

Long story short, I fell head first into this 'compliance thing' and was right where you are now. I was 'I'm-going-to-be-in-a-jail-cell-with-a-bucket' overwhelmed with how many agencies had their fingers in such a small little thing I was making!

With many years of research, connections with the CPSC, industry associations & organizations devoted to product safety, and a Masters in Public Administration, I teach US product safety compliance to tens of thousands of makers.

The best thing about all this is that I get to help you in the way you learn best. Discussion? Video? Reading? Answering the same question time and again?

I'm here for it and I can't wait to start helping you!

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Can you do this on your own?

Sure, you definitely can. But that means sacrificing your precious time researching and hoping you've captured all the information you need

  • instead of making.
  • instead of that social media content you've been working so hard on.
  • instead of taking care of your customers.
  • instead of planning new lines and designing fun new projects.
  • instead of spending that precious time with your family.

As I shared, I've been doing this since 2010. It took me a year to feel like I really had a grasp on the information and where to find it. (And that doesn't include regulatory changes and updates.)

  • you could get this over quickly.

    While making sure your products comply with regulations is an on-going thing, people working with me get it done, on average, in 2 weeks.

  • you didn't have to spend more $$.

    Many products don't actually need much more for compliance, but for those that do, I have helped many save thousands in testing alone.

  • you could bring in sales.

    I've noticed a steady increase in shoppers specifically looking and asking for 'safe' or compliant products. Being able to show that you 'Meet CPSC Safety Requirements' will help you to be at the top of that list.


  • Priority Support

    With amazing community members and direct access to me, there's no way we'll let you fall!

  • Private Discord Server Access

    An off-Facebook space for asking questions w/channels for specific products (don't worry, there's a FB group too).

  • Member Resources

    You'll gain access to our previous Q&A sessions, checklists, flow charts, business cheatsheets, and more.

  • Member Exclusives

    A 15% discount to most items in the shop including testing. Plus, a few offers not available publicly.

  • Office Hours

    The 3rd Friday of the month at 11am CST, I block an hour to chat with you live via Zoom.

  • Business Start Up Course

    Just in case you haven't gotten the state stuff done, I've got you with some basics on registration, bookkeeping, and tax info.

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