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Misty Henry Product Safety and Consulting Services, LLC

Private Consultation

Private Consultation

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Sometimes reading is making us spin our wheels for far too long.

This is best for:
  • Those wanting to work on one children's product or style of children's product at a time
  • Those who have a few quick questions and are verbal learners
We can work on:
  • Specific information for your situation and product,
  • Advice on product designs as necessary,
  • Ideas on ways to track components and finished products,
  • Labeling ideas, and
  • Anything else pertaining to your specific questions.

How it works

After checkout, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to set up your session and a form to fill out for me.

Prior to our meeting, I will prepare a document using the information you provide to me on that form.

You will receive an email about 1 hour prior to our meeting with your private link.

During our meeting, we'll work through your questions and any more than come up during our discussion. I will jot down additional notes and information as needed.

After we say goodbye, I will clean up the document and send it to you via email as a PDF and a Word docx format. The PDF is provided to have a permanent 'base' and the Word docx is provided so you can make any additional notes to yourself if you'd like.

Your 3 steps after purchase

📅 Sign up for your preferred date and time 
📝 Fill out the form with information about your product. 
😊 Attend our meeting, of course! 

Note: A cancellation prior to 72 hours may be refunded up to 50%. A no-show cancellation will not be refunded. A reschedule after 72 hours prior will be charged a $50 rescheduling fee.

There are no refunds on this service.

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