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Misty Henry Product Safety and Consulting Services, LLC

Done-For-You Certificate of Compliance Write-Up Service

Done-For-You Certificate of Compliance Write-Up Service

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Turn Around Time

      Ready to make your hard work official?

      Let me take over the work so you'll have
      • A certificate created for your compliant product
      • Format ready for CPSC and Amazon
      • Instructions for maintaining and updating
      • Lifetime use out of this document

      What is this certificate?

      Part of the product safety compliance process is writing your own statement that your product complies with all applicable regulations it is governed by.

      This document is your official "I comply!", the end goal for product safety.

      Finding all of the appropriate regulations, the codes, and the exemption citations can become a chore, though, and that's why I'm here for you.

      I am able to efficiently set up the document for you, in the format the Consumer Product Safety Commission wants, and with instructions on how to maintain the document for the life of your business.

      Don't spend all of your precious time digging through the CPSC website, clicking all their links, having 10+ tabs open waiting to crash your computer, crossing your fingers that you didn't miss something, wondering if your testing or supplier statements work....

      Let me take that headache.  I've been doing this for over 10 years.  I've got you covered.

      How do I know how many documents I need?

      For some items, they can be listed on the same document.  Here are examples to show what differences matter:

      • Garments made of 100% plain surfaced materials (woven cotton, knit, waffle knit, etc.)
      • Garments made of raised surfaced materials (poly/spandex blend fleece, french terry, corduroy, velour, etc.)
      • Garments that include hardware (zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.)
      • Hats/Headbands, Gloves, Shoes made with 100% fabric
      • Hairbows with hardware (alligator clips, slides, etc.)
      • Blankets
      • Lovies with teething corners or snaps
      • Toys (including teethers)
      • Pacifier Leash

      What happens after I pay?

      After payment, you will receive a download and an email with a form to complete.  If you have any supporting documents from suppliers or labs, please email them to or provide links in the form under the "other information" section.  The document will be created based upon the information you provide to me in that form. 

      If you have any questions about how many forms you may need, feel free to contact me and ask at! Remember, color and size do not typically create the need for a new certificate (in the case of clothing for example), but change in material type (raised surfaced vs plain surfaced) could.

      My standard turn around time is 5-7 business days.
      Express turn around time is 1 business day.

      There are no refunds on this service.

      I am providing a service to create a document for your records, but I make no claims to the validity of the information you provide to me.  It is always your responsibility to assure that the information on the document is accurate for your product.

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