Featured Member Friday - Kimi Mei @ Baby Peipei

Featured Member Friday - Kimi Mei @ Baby Peipei

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Featured Member Friday!

Today it's all about a member from The Makers Community, so please check them out!
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What's your name?

Kimi Mei

What is your business?

Baby Peipei (BabyPeipei.com)

Let us know a little about yourself and your business!

My mother-in-law and I make community-gifted, handmade, organic baby quilts. We call our Sherpa-backed quilts peipeis (Cantonese for “blankies”) and they are inspired by the Chinese tradition Baijia Bei whereby village members collect pieces of fabric so a quilt could be made for a new baby.

Our peipeis are crowdfunded by having baby’s village purchase the individual patches and submit wishes or messages. These messages, along with images of their corresponding patches, are complied in a keepsake board book.

What is your favorite product to make/sell or a product that you'd specifically like to promote?

Any of them! Maybe the heart collection?

Baby Peipei Heart Collection     Baby Peipei mini and book

Where can people sign up for your email?

Look for the “Subscribe” tab on the bottom of our website!

How else can people find you?

Find us on , , and all with the handle @BabyPeipeiUSA

Last question: How has The Makers Community been helpful to you and your business?

When I was first starting, I got overwhelmed with the state regulations regarding three-layered quilts. After buying Misty’s digital book on children’s blankets, I decided to stick with two-layered quilts. Armed with that decision and her book, I easily took on CPSC and FTC regulations!

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