Featured Member Friday - Nina Wolfe @ Nina's Flying Needle

Featured Member Friday - Nina Wolfe @ Nina's Flying Needle

It's time for

Featured Member Friday!

Today it's all about a member from The Makers Community, so please check them out!
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What's your name?

Nina Wolfe


What is your business?

Nina's Flying Needle (NinasFlyingNeedle.com)


Let us know a little about yourself and your business!

At Nina's Flying Needle, we encourage people to choose a more sustainable lifestyle by providing colorful and unique products that allow you to ditch single use plastics.


What is your favorite product to make/sell or a product that you'd specifically like to promote?

Reusable snack bags!

Ditch your plastic bags. Invest in reusable, washable food and snack bags. They won't leak and are easy to handle.

Five convenient sizes available: Toddler, Knick Knack, Snack, Sandwich and Gallon.

Our bags meet the highest safety standards and are FREE of lead, BPA and Phthalate, making them safe for food and even the littlest family member to use.


Nina's Flying Needle Snack Bag Bundle SpringNina's Flying Needle Snack Bag Bundle Nautical


Where can people sign up for your email?

You can sign up for my email list at the bottom of my website to keep up with my newsletter. 


How else can people find you?

Find me on Instagram (NinasFlyingNeedle)

Facebook (/NinasFlyingNeedle) & FB Group (NFN Inside Threads)

Pinterest (NinasFlyingNeedle)


Last question: How has The Makers Community been helpful to you and your business?

Let's be real for a second: my business would not exist without Misty. I love how supportive The Makers Community is in raising safety awareness.

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