Featured Member Friday - Magda & Casey Roeske @ SensoryPlay

Featured Member Friday - Magda & Casey Roeske @ SensoryPlay

It's time for

Featured Member Friday!

Today it's all about a member from The Makers Community, so please check them out!


What's your name?

Magda and Casey Roeske

What is your business?

SensoryPlay (SensoryPlay.etsy.com)

Let us know a little about yourself and your business!

We are a small batch educational material, and gift producer. We love to make custom products as well.

We are set up both as a direct to consumer business but also are able to help other small shops in production through direct to substrate printing, cnc and laser work.

What is your favorite product to make/sell or a product that you'd specifically like to promote?

Educational stackers!

These puzzles go great in a homeschool or traditional learning environment, but is inspired by the Montessori learning method. It makes a great gift for little learners who are interested in trees, wood, science, and STEM activities in general.

Sensory Play Earth Layers Study wood stacker set

How else can people find you?

Find us on Instagram with the handle @SensoryPlayStore and Facebook @sensoryplay.us

Last question: How has The Makers Community been helpful to you and your business?

Makers community has been so valuable in making choices in production of our materials.


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