Featured Member Friday - Stephena Anderson @ Dancing Skunks

Featured Member Friday - Stephena Anderson @ Dancing Skunks

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Featured Member Friday!

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What's your name?

Stephena Anderson

What is your business?

Dancing Skunks (DancingSkunks.com)

Let us know a little about yourself and your business!

I am a former Army Nurse and mom of 4 who helps parents save their sanity and money by creating innovative, high quality, versatile products that grow with their babies and last for years (and kids) to come!

All of my products were created by gaps and frustrations that I had found with other baby products on the market and created the solutions to use on my Little Loves.

Dancing Skunks products are all about function, versatility, and getting the biggest bang for your buck while still being cute.

What is your favorite product to make/sell or a product that you'd specifically like to promote?

The Cocoona! The Cocoona®️ is the most versatile way to keep your Little Love safe and warm from birth through toddlerhood.

Our patented design keeps the Cocoona in place on your Little (and your hands free) and works on an array of brands and styles of car seats, strollers, baby carriers, hiking backpacks, or simply zip it up more to keep your baby warm when carrying them in your arms or swinging on the swing at the playground. Perfect from chilly Summer evenings, to brisk Fall walks, to the chill of winter, to the nip of Spring.

Where can people sign up for your email?

On my website at the bottom (newsletter) or at checkout.

How else can people find you?

Find me on Instagram and Facebook with the handle @DancingSkunks

Last question: How has The Makers Community been helpful to you and your business?

I have only just officially joined The Makers Community a short while ago, but I have been combing through posts and have already gotten a lot of great tips for running my business. I have been a long time follower of Misty Henry though and can truly say that if it weren’t for Misty’s digital minibooks (which are pure gold) and answering my plethora of questions on the US Product Safety Compliance FB page, I don’t know if I would have been able to be where I am today in my business and compliance if it wasn’t for her and her resources. I’m really excited about the ability to be a part of this community now and how much more valuable information I will get from it.


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