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Welcome, Maker!

It's great to have you here, Maker.  Truly.

Having you here means that you have heard about this thing called "safety compliance" and you are curious if it applies to you, how you make this happen, and if it is going to cost you more than you make in a year. Right?  I've got you.

This blog and this free Facebook group are hosted by The Makers Resource Shop a DBA of Misty Henry Product Safety & Consulting Services.

It is important to me that you have the opportunity to learn about the required information without all of the research that I've continued over 10 years (my oldest is 11, that's how I keep track!).  The government websites are where all the information is, but they are painstakingly difficult to navigate.  The Code of Federal Regulations is where you'll find regulations for many agencies, products, and commercial practices.

Did I just make your eyes glaze over?  Yeah, I get it.  That's why this group is SO much easier. 

I pull the information from multiple agencies, then break it down into a process that any maker can get through.  The focus of this group is small batch makers who are in or sell to the US (we do have a sister group: Canadian Compliance).

If you are ready to dive in, I'd love for you to start with the free course (or the Units within the group) to see what the process looks like from a birds-eye view.  These Units give you a starting direction and shows you where the information can be found (so you know I'm not just pulling your chain!).  Once you've looked through the free course/units, ask questions!

I also encourage you to download my Product Safety Checklist that will help you get through the process as well.  It makes going through the free course more actionable so you actually get things done.

If you already know what product you want to make (or are already making), and just want the process straight-forward, then you'll check out my digital books at TheMakersResourceShop.com.

If you want even more support, guidance, and community to get through safety and just having a business and a life, I cannot say enough good things about The Makers' Community.  The makers there truly exemplify #CommunityOverCompetition and I cannot be more proud of each of them.

Finally, this group is my heart and soul, but it does take a lot to keep up with the research as everyone continues to grow, create new products, and updates are continuously being made in legislation.  To help keep this group going and growing, I rely on your support through shares, word of mouth, and donations. Your support truly helps our maker industry grow stronger and, for that, I cannot thank you enough.

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