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Certificate of Compliance Template - Children's Stuffed Toys

Certificate of Compliance Template - Children's Stuffed Toys

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Children's Product Certificate Template

This is a downloadable template of a Children's Product Certificate (CPC).

A CPC is a document you create to certify that your children's products comply with all applicable children's product safety rules.

This template can cover the following types of products:

  • Stuffed Animals
  • Stuffed Blocks
  • Stuffed Dolls
  • Stuffed Food
  • Stuffed Rattles
  • Stuffed Tools

This template is easy to use and can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your business. In this download, you'll also have immediate and easy access to the regulatory codes and exemption citations you'll need for your products!

To use this template, simply fill in the required information and save a copy to your computer. Upon request, you are now able to submit the CPC to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as proof of compliance with applicable children's product safety rules as well as any distributor of your product including Amazon, consignment shops, and wholesellers.


  • Easy to use with plug-and-play highlights
  • Customizable for your current and future products
  • Includes instructions for maintaining and adjusting the document for the life of your business
  • Contains a reference guide for many regulatory codes and exemption citations


  • Free your time from hours of research
  • Improve your chances with potential wholesale accounts (more are requesting these documents as they know they’ll need them).
  • Protect you from not meeting the 24 hour deadline in responding to a CPSC government agent’s request
  • Save you hundreds on having me create multiple of them for your products
  • Save you even more on having me create them last minute so you can respond to a CPSC government agent’s request
  • Give you peace from the dread of missing something
  • Help you stay coherent while working through the regulatory codes and citations when all you want to do is create
  • Provide the boost you need to start or continue your business

Don't lose out on potential wholesale accounts or get stuck scrambling last minute to respond to a CPSC agent's request.

Download this template today and start protecting the smallest of your customers today!

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