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Misty Henry Product Safety and Consulting Services, LLC

Test Report: PLAID FolkArt Acrylic Paint

Test Report: PLAID FolkArt Acrylic Paint

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With this purchase, you'll receive a test report from an ISO-accredited US CPSC-accepted lab for:


PLAID® FolkArt Acrylic Paint

This report will be valid* until June 2023
Paints purchased prior to June 2023 will be covered by this report.


Available at Plaid® Online.

Approximate colors tested**:

  • 2875E - Folk Art Extreme Glitter- Jelly Bean Pink Acrylic (F1)
  • 2902 - Folk Art Multisurface Pueblo Satin Acrylic (F2)
  • 2873 - Folk Art Glow in The Dark Yellow Acrylic (F3)
  • 5129 - Folk Art Gloss Metallic Green Flash (F4)
  • 2921 - Folk Art Multisurface Aqua Satin Acrylic (F5)
  • 484E - Folk Art Ultramarine Blue Matte Finish (F6)
  • 2856 - Folk Art Neon Blacklight Purple Matte Acrylic (F7)
  • 2906 - Folk Art Multisurface Coffee Latte Satin Acrylic (F8)
  • 662 - Folk Art Metallic Silver Sterling Acrylic (F9)

    *Validity by the strictest sense of the regulation. Some things can go up to every 3 years for testing provided certain conditions are met. You can read more about Periodic testing [here].

    **Because these showed an extremely low amount of lead levels, well under the US limit, and the colors we tested are those that typically run high, you may choose to feasibly use this as guidance for other colors.

    Keep this document in your records as proof of compliance to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission's requirements for the testing listed on the document (16 CFR Part 1303).

    By purchasing this report, you are helping to strengthen the maker community.  We use the funds to keep these offers going, keep testing up-to-date, and make sure that we can bring in more testing for components you want to use!

    After purchase, you will have a DOWNLOAD READY screen on the confirmation page.  Download from there and you'll be ready to get back to creating!

    + This is a purchase of a single document and does not include lifetime updates.

    + This is for information only and should not be used as legal advice.

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