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The Children's Cloth Diapers Digital Book

The Children's Cloth Diapers Digital Book

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Do you want to make: 

  • All-In-Ones
  • All-In-Twos
  • Pockets
  • Covers
  • Fitteds
  • Snapped Flats
  • Bloomers
  • Woolies & Other Pull Over Covers

In this 30-page digital book, you'll receive the step-by-step process to become compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission's regulations for children's cloth diapers.

Don't spend all your time searching around the Facebook groups, blogs, and websites trying to figure this all out, I've got it all right here in one easy place.

Allow yourself the peace of mind that not only do you have a compliant product, but you also have improved your chances of appealing to shoppers.  I mean, who wouldn't want to buy from someone who took their time to assure their products were safe?  Plus, observation over the last 10 years has shown an increase in shoppers using "compliant" in their keywords when searching for products.

Make your products stand out above the rest!

I've designed the books so if you want to print them out, you won't completely destroy your printer's ink supply and there are a couple of note pages too!

Did I mention that you get lifetime updates for free?  Yep, anytime I update this book, you'll immediate receive an email with the update.

See, I've got you covered!


* Children's Clothing, Children's Cloth Diapers, Children's Footwear, and Children's Hair Accessories are all very similar because they are all considered clothing.  The main differences between them are the specific examples for material and labeling.

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