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The Conflict Resolution Workbook

The Conflict Resolution Workbook

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The Conflict Resolution Workbook is a 4-page guide that will enhance your customer service communication.

Whether you're a business beginner or a seasoned pro, this workbook will provide you with prompts to help you get to the root of an issue, creating a customer experience that works for both your customer and you (because your happiness is important too!).

Inside this workbook, you'll find:

  • 8 steps to consider with room for writing
  • Reminders on how to communicate effectively
  • Tips to continually make the process a breeze

This workbook is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to improve their customer service during conflict while keeping their business profitable.

Benefits of 'The Conflict Resolution Workbook'

  • Gain insight to effective communication, improving service in a time of conflict.
  • Increase the overall profitability of your business through satisfied customers who become repeat buyers.
  • Get tips on how to reduce conflict through proactive communication
  • Brainstorm to improve your policies and response time for future use.

Is 'The Conflict Resolution Workbook' right for you?

  • You interact with other people (kids included!)
  • You are afraid of potential conflict and want to be proactive about solutions
  • You want to provide the best customer service communication to improve customer satisfaction
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