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Toy Test Fixture Bundle

Toy Test Fixture Bundle

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Are you making teethers, rattles, or other hemispherical or nearly-hemispherical toys for children under 36m (3y)?

These toy test fixtures (Supplemental A and Supplemental B) help a maker test for impaction hazards to a child's throat.  During a set of 'use & abuse' tests (Impact, Tension, Torque, Compression, Flexure, etc.), the toy is tested to these fixtures under their own weight and in every adverse way possible.  If it pokes out of the opposite side, even a smidgen, it fails (see images with pen).
*Note: This is why pacifier leashes cannot be imaged, sold, or shipped with a teether attached.  The whole thing becomes a teether and the leash-side will fail the entire thing.

In this bundle, you will receive:
• a test fixture with an oval cavity
• a supplemental test fixture with a circle cavity
• instructions for use 

As a Small Batch Manufacturer registered with the CPSC, you are permitted to do ASTM F963-17 testing on your own provided you have the means and necessary tools.  These are some of those tools!  (Small Parts testing for choking hazards must still be done at a CPSC-accepted lab, sorry!)

These were designed by TJ Henry with precision to the ASTM F963-17 publication and made using PLA filiament.  PLA filiament will retain its precision unless heated to over 120*F (so just don't leave it on your car's dashboard in the summer).

There are multiple requirements for toys above and beyond what this fixture set will cover.  For full instructions on toys in accordance with CPSC requirements, see the ASTM F963-17 publication. You can also join The Makers' Community for more guidance from me with toys and other products.

*Actual colors will vary*
*Corners may have slight warping, but does not affect function or precision*

Turn around time is 5-10 business days.

These 3D printed fixtures are shipped USPS priority insured & tracked to ensure they get to you as safe as possible.

*If you make a pacifier leash, do NOT buy this bundle.  Since leashes are not toys or teethers, they are not subject to these fixture tests.  If you mention on your website that they are good for teething, change it because they will fail the fixture tests for teethers. Change the wording to something similar to "Made with safer materials so babies can touch!"

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